Mr. I. Kaan Tuncok, PhD, PE, MBA (Technical Director)   

Dr Tuncok is a Professional Engineer, who brings 20 years of experience in water, energy and environment sectors, in which 12 years are based in Phoenix, Arizona. He holds a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, where he worked on various aspects of planning and management approaches. From 1992 to 1995 he obtained his PhD in Water Resources Planning and Management from Arizona  State  University, where he worked with a team of research associates to develop optimization tools for reservoir operations using integrated river basin management approach for one of the largest river basin/estuary systems in Texas, USA. Dr. Tuncok managed various planning, modelling and policy development studies along large-scale watersheds.


Dr. Tuncok added a Masters in Business Administration from  Arizona  State  University (1998-2000), to excel in various aspects of project planning/management and development of sustainable and financially sound project plans. During his professional career, Dr. Tuncok held various managerial roles with multi-national companies including AMEC, AECOM and Tetra Tech.

Dr. Tuncok continues to participate as an expert and as a manager in internationally financed regional projects in Europe and in Africa related to water resources planning and management and optimization of renewable energy sources.

Mr. Cem Sahin, MSc (Senior Consultant - Investment Planning and Management)

Mr. Sahin graduated from the Civil Engineering Department (1990) of Middle East Technical University and then continued his career with a Master of Science (1992) from Iowa State University. He has been in the Construction Industry since 1992. He had executed various medium to large-scale projects in the USA (1992-1994) and in Germany since 1994. His main responsibilities along his career included:

 - planning, management and execution of medium- to large-scale construction projects,
 - liason for local subcontractors in Turkey  and various government and private stakeholders
 - planning and management of investment plans for medium- to large-scale infrastructure projects.

Mr. Gerhard Huber (Senior Consultant - Solar Energy Planning and Management)   

Mr. Gerhard Huber is a long-term execution partner with Phoenix Solar. He completed Solar Power Plant projects at various scales as the Project Manager and Managing Director of these facilities. He has a close working relationship with local and international PV module manufacturers, framework contractors and other associated service providers in the solar business.

Mr. Kasirga Yildirak, PhD (Senior Consultant - Financial Planning and Management) 

Dr. Yildirak is an Assistant Professor at Institute of Applied Mathematics, Middle East Technical University. He has been supervising risk and research departments of various governmental and private financial institutions on risk modeling, risk computation, risk management and derivative pricing. He has also been involved with risk assessment projects related to climate change (UN) and morbidity (Turkish Treasury and Ministry of Health).  He teaches graduate level risk, stochastic simulation, time series and quantitative finance related courses. 


He is an expert in modeling and computation of loss distribution of uncertain events. 


Mr. Yalcin Yilmaz, (Business Development - Electrical and Mechanical Solutions)

Mr. Yalcin brings significant experience in development of project proposals and execution of supply contracts for various international agencies including European Union, World Bank and various Government institutions.

As the Business Development lead, he interacts with our international and local solution partners at various stages of project development, research and execution, and manages various tasks throughout project life cycle.

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