Client Organization Project Title Scope of Services Role of SOLARIS Funding Agency
Enerji-SA Smart Grid Applications in Power Distribution Project in Turkey Integrate SCADA systems with its current and planned IT systems, including GIS, Workforce Management System, Customer Information System and Call Center

Perform gap analysis, strategy proposal, estimate of investment needed and system integration recommendations

Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office Strategic Perspectives and Options Assessment of Blue Nile Multipurpose Cascade Development Model the Blue Nile/Main Nile water system and carryout an assessment of alternative storage options in the Blue Nile cascade, assess alternative reservoir filling strategies, and evaluate alternative operating rules utilizing a multi-criteria framework that reflects the SSEA and the development objectives of the riparian countries.  Lead Model Development and Evaluation Expert Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office
Nile Basin Initiative Data Compilation and Pilot Application of the Nile River Basin Development of a Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management Plan, including evaluation of Surface Water Network, Hydropower and Irrigation potential, Flood Planning and Management, and Capacity Building, across all 11 countries along the entire Nile River basin system Project Partner and Water Resources Planning and Management Expert World Bank
State Hydraulics Works of Turkey (DSI) Samsun Regional Directorate Flood Risk Mapping in Yesilirmak River Basin Flood Risk Evaluation, Modeling and Mapping in Yesilirmak River Basin (rural and urban applications) as per rules and regulations of EU Flood Directive  

Project Lead and Technical Expert

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MFAL) Evaluation of Water Resources Potential in Agricultural Basins across Turkey Evaluation and Development of Hydrologic models with all 11 Water and Soil Research Centers of MFAL across Turkey Lead Partner MFAL
Ministry of Forestry and Water Works(MFW) Integrated Basin Protection Action Plans Evaluation of pollution sources at the basin level and identification of wastewater infrastructure needs in Van Closed Basin and Afyon Akarcay Basin, and development of associated Investment plans. Lead Partner MFW
DSI Edirne Regional Directorate Capacity Improvement for Flood Forecasting and Flood Control in the Turkey-Bulgaria Transborder
Cooperation Region
Development of a Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System along one of the largest river basin systems (Maritza, Tundja and Arda) in the east Balkans, crossing Bulgaria and Turkey Project Manager European Union (EU)
DSI Adana Regional Directorate Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change in Seyhan River Basin (second largest following Nile Basin) in eastern Mediterranean  Identification of Surface Water Resources Potential and Flood Risks within the perspective of developing Water Resources Management Policies in Seyhan Basin within the framework of Adaptation to Climate Change Lead Partner and Technical Expert UNDP
UNFAO Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change Assess technical capacity and gaps of MFAL and MFW for providing early warnings for floods and droughts. Execute training programs in coordination with local and international research institutions Technical Expert UNFAO
 NIRAS Technical Assistance for management and protection of potential NATURA 2000 sites in the northern part of Cyprus Description of Hydrologic and Environmental characteristics of Famagusta wetlands Technical Expert EU
WWF-Turkey Turkey's Future Agenda in Integrated Water Resources Management Development of Climate Change scenarios and Impact analyisis on water resources in Konya Basin Lead Partner WWF-Turkey
 Dicle Development Agency (DIKA) Planning and Development of Infrastructure Project Investment Plans Evaluation of Infrastructure projects to be funded by EU within the administrative limits of DIKA Independent Expert  DIKA
 DSI Sanliurfa Regional Directorate Batman Drinking Water Feasibility Plan Evaluation of the groundwater quality and quantity in Batman Region Technical Expert ESPM ESER
Istanbul Sewage and Water Authority (ISKI) Planning and Management for Rural Floods in Istanbul Capacity Building of ISKI experts related to numerical modelling techniques in Urban Flooding Technical Expert ISKI
Middle East Technical University (METU) Evaluation of Hydraulic Safety of Dams in Seyhan Basin Capacity Building of METU Experts in use of numerical models for use in Dam Break Analysis Technical Expert METU
Afyon Kocatepe University Evaluation of Integrated Water Resources potential in Afyon Akarcay Basin Capacity Building of Faculty in use of numerical models to evaluate integrated surface-groundwater resources Technical Expert Afyon Kocatepe University
 Dolsar Development of Integrated Water Resources policies Capacity Building of Dolsar experts in use of numerical models related to development of IWRM scenarios and water resources budgets Technical Expert Dolsar


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